Mun G Disses Crysto Panda

Mun G Disses Crysto Panda
Photo: Unknown 2020-08-20T20:33:53Z

Mun G has thrown a subtle dig at fellow artiste Crysto Panda.

On Thursday, Mun G wrote, “But now I think we can all agree that it is not that easy for everyone to make a dope song off a street slang.”

The post has been translated by many as an attack at Crysto Panda who recently become Mun G’s direct competition.

Crysto Panda has taken the same path as Mun G of deriving songs from slangs and popular lingual. 

Panda’s new song Bino (byebiruma abayaye) might be getting good reception but Mun G suggests that it is an amateur song. 

He also released 'Bintwala' earlier, a concept Mun G used. 

The two were tight friends but they have recently grown apart.

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