I resurrected Chameleone’s Career - Producer Diggy Baur 

I resurrected Chameleone’s Career - Producer Diggy Baur 
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Producer Diggy Baur and Jose Chameleone had a bitter exchange at the former’s studio called Sabula records located in Luwafu, Makindye on Monday night. The cause for the fight is not yet clear though some sources claim he failed to deliver the singer's songs.

In the videos shared by the Producer on Facebook, he reveals that the singer attacked one of the Producers known as Akram at his studio, hurled insults and thumped him because he refused to record a song for him.

Diggy Baur  vowed to make Chameleone pay  for property destroyed at his premises. 

While talking to press, Diggy Baur also blew his own trumpet by claiming that he resurrected Chameleone’s music career by producing ‘Kibooko’, a song that topped charts in 2018.

Diggy Baur bragged that  Chameleone’s career was dead and gone when he came begging for his help.  He said that if it wasn’t him,  Chameleone would be no more.

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