Hajat Madina Gets Offer to Record Songs for Free

Hajat Madina Gets Offer to Record Songs for Free
Photo: Unknown 2020-06-03T06:31:44Z

The 'Bibuza' singer Hajat Madina has been living a miserable life for years now.

It was reported that she had resorted to selling maize and tomatoes on the streets to make ends meet.

Latest news is that renowned Producer Diggy Buar offered  her free music recording sessions at his studio.

The singer received the offer with open arms and she has already started new recording songs.

Her first project is a gospel track titled  'Owamansemanse'. 

Hajat Madina denounced  Islamic religion and turned into born again years ago.

“This is my comeback. I am going to drop big hits like I am new to the trade. People who enjoy my music should prepare themselves to be blessed,” she said when asked about her new music.

Madina, however, says she won’t stop selling maize.

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