How Cindy Pulled Off a Successful Concert at Cricket Oval

How Cindy Pulled Off a Successful Concert at Cricket Oval
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A lot of people were convinced that Cindy's concert at Cricket Oval, Lugogo would flop but she proved her doubters wrong. Today, we analyze how Cindy planned her concert without help from Promoters.

Cindy's Beef with Sheebah 

The rivalry between the two artistes helped Cindy sell her concert. Many of Cindy's fans wanted to send a message to Sheebah that Cindy is a king herself. They purchased tickets in time and encouraged other to join the winning team.

Ground Work

Just a month to her concert, Cindy performed at various bars in and around Kampala. She entertained fans in Mukono, at Fusion Auto Spa in Munyonyo and while at it, she hawked  her tickets for the show. She even went to Owino Market. She spent last week vending tickets downtown.

Cindicate Reunion Party

Cindy organised a party for the cindicates two months before the concert. At the meeting, sh tasked  her loyal fans to use every opportunity to market and publicise her concert.

Unpaid Publicity

The fact that Cindy didn't invest in Media advertising,this made people curious, they couldn't stop talking about it. Many criticised her for refusing to advertise on Radio and TVs. This kept her in the news.

Social Media

This is a big tool of disseminating information.Cindy used Twitter, Instagram, Facebook among others to promote her concert. It was hard to miss her posters.

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