Judith Babirye Releases Emotional Song, "Buli Uzziah Affe" After Marriage Collapse

Judith Babirye Releases Emotional Song,
Photo: Unknown 2019-08-23T07:34:59Z

Days after her split with husband Hon Paul Musoke Sebulime, who dumped her for his first  wife, Nalongo Lukia Ntale,  gospel musician and MP, Judith Babirye has dropped a new song, "Buli Uzziah Affe".

The song features lyrics that many are talking about and fans online  have been dissecting the lyrics since the song dropped on Wednesday.

In the bible, Uzziah was a powerful King in Jerusalem. His pride led to his downfall. He was unfaithful to the Lord his God. And when God stopped favouring him, he died unhappy man.

In our daily lives, Uzziah presents the problems, betrays and obstacles that we face everyday in our daily lives.

Judith Babirye singing ”Buli Uzziah Affe”, she is insinuating that her husband is another  Uzziah in modern era.

Insiders say  she believes her husband used her for publicity and fame.

It is alleged that Musoke Sebulime will support his first wife to stand as Women MP for Buikwe, replacing Judith Babirye.

He has been reportedly sponsoring the smearing campaign against Babirye in media.

Babirye feels betrayed and through this song, she is trying to express what she is going through without necessary explaining her self.

Enjoy the song if you have a Uzziah in your life.


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