Magic Washington Returns In New Song With Sanga Moses

Magic Washington Returns In New Song With Sanga Moses
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Magic Washington is a Ugandan renown music producer who had ventured into singing years ago.

He had put his singing career on hold but the latest is that he has hit the studio again. He has released a motivational  song titled " our girls" with fellow Ugandan singer Sanga Moses.

The song advocates for girl child education and ending early childhood marriages. It also emphasizes taking the girl child to school.

"Our Girls" was produced by Magic Washington at Master's studio and the  video was directed by Ark Menz.

About Sanga Moses

Sanga was born in rural Uganda. He has three sisters who were all forced to marry men they did not choose before they celebrated their sixteenth birthday. This is why Sanga is so passionate about ending child marriages. He believes that every child- girl or boy should be given a chance to go to school. Since 2010, he has been focused on economically empowering marginalized parents particularly women by training them and helping them to launch clean energy micro-businesses in Uganda converting locally sourced waste into clean cooking fuel (briquettes) and more recently energy saving cookstoves so that they have the incomes to send their children particularly girls to school. As a result, over 65,000 girls in Uganda who would never have had a chance to go to school are now able to go to school. This iz changing lives and empowering communities.

Sanga has now decided to start singing songs that advocate for girl child education in order to be able to reach more people. He believes music has the ability to reach many people especially now that the world has the miracle of the internet. Through this, Sanga hopes that parents around the world in places like India and Sub-Saharan Africa where child marriages are still common will be moved to start sending and keeping their daughters in School.

As a result of his work, Sanga has won numerous awards which include the following;


2015: Awarded a GSBI Fellowship at Santa Clara University in California

2. 2014: winner, Verizon Powering People Award

3. 2014: Named a Nation Geographic Emerging Explorer

4. 2012: Tech Awards Laureate

5. 2012: Community Solutions Fellow

6. 2012: Named one of 100 Disruptive Heroes of by Hacking Works

7. 2012: Ted Fellow

8. 2012: Featured by the New York Times as one of the people positively impacting the world

9. 2011: Unreasonable Institute Fellow

Watch the video here.


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