More Details Why Jeff's TNS Maybe Falling Apart

More Details Why Jeff's  TNS Maybe Falling Apart
Photo: Unknown 2018-10-18T06:24:30Z

Things are not going on well at Jeff Kiwanuka's music label, Team No Sleep( TNS).

Few weeks ago, singer Chozen Blood left the label and  upcoming rapper Recho Ray is also threatening to quit.

What we gather is that  the  'small' musicians under the label don't get bookings because apparently when you call to book just one of them, management demands that you must hire others too.

The policy doesn't favour individual artistes.

A Promoter that preferred anonymity says, " Last year, i wanted to book Chozen Blood and the person I called told me I couldn't book him alone. I was told to also book Roden Y, and Topic Kasente. The alternative was to take Chozen Blood with Sheebah @5m. But I only wanted Chozen Blood since i already had Fameica and Irene Ntale. I just gave up on Chozen Blood".

The label has several artistes like Sheebah Kalungi, Roden Y, Topic Kasente, Diamond Oscar, and Racho Rey.

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