I was inspired by Moses Radio and Akon - Ykee Benda

I was inspired by Moses Radio and Akon - Ykee Benda
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Singer Tugume Wycliffe commonly known as Ykee Benda has blessed Ugandans with smash hits like "Famer", "Malaika" among many others since his inception in 2016.

Recently, he set up a posh studio named Mpaka records,  and what caught our eyes are three art pieces that lie on the walls.

His own picture and two others of Moses Radio and America rapper, Akon.

When asked why these two amongst all the talented musicians on planet earth,  Ykee Benda made it clear that Moses Radio ignited his singing candle.

"I always wanted to sing, but after hearing Moses Radio, I started mimicking him right away. He sounded fresh, unique and exceptionally talented," he said.

Unfortunately, he didn't get an opportunity to collaborate with his all-time role model.

Moses Radio passed away on 1st February at Buganda road based Case Clinic after a bar brawl that left his skull cracked.

"As for Akon, that is typical Ykee Benda. I would lo e to conquer the stage like him," he added.

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