Who Will and Not Rule 2017?

Who Will and Not Rule 2017?
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2016 has seen female artistes out compete the male, it's no doubt that Sheeba Karungi, Winnie Nwagi, Rema have tremendously done well. Bebe cool, Ziza Bafana have tried to hold it high for the male artistes. 

Talk of the awards we this year saw Abryans style and fashion awards glow as well as Uganda Entertainment awards which with no doubt we all agree lack credibility.

The music concerts that worked and those that flop some actually never turned up the likes of Wizkid, the successful ones like Sheeba, fashion shows, nightclubs closing and so on. Well today I will try to foresee some of those personalities that will make it in the next year or will fail.

Lily Pazo,
Do you know this guy? I guess you must be wondering who this is? Well he is behind the popular Genda ogule e'motoka song that has won part in many peoples' hearts. This is just a one off those hit songs that come and become barely hard to add up. I will compare this to Eno mic by Ziggy Dee, Emesse  by Captain dollar, Girls dem love by Young mullo, Amasanyalaze negagenda by Karima, 

I predict a hard year for this guy right here that we might not see him resurrect,  this will be one jam very hard to follow up..

Ykee Benda,
Wycliff Tugume alias YKee Benda broke to fame with the popular collaboration Farmer with Sheeba Karungi he has also added up Mu Kampala and Eve which features Dj Roja and Slick Stuart. His touch is iconic and different from all the earlier ragga dancehall artistes. Ykee Benda can be crowned as the Uganda's WizKid and 2017 is just another year for him to be epic.

Nina Rozi,
Undoubtedly the most gorgeous slim lady i have ever seen before but wait, does she hold enough talent well not yes but if handled by the right management she can break out. Nina did a song with Rodney Y titled Mekete that received ample airplay but unfortunately rubbished by Team no sleep and had to quit. She is what we can all agree to as Uganda's Amber Rose unfortunately she has flat tyres.
Nina Rozi will take centuries to break through and 2 017 doesn't belong to her.

Radio and Weasel,
Talking about this duo makes me cry and if there is anyone that believed in these guy's that was me. Ever since their split with former manager Jeff Kiwa in 2014 the group has not received international recognition in the awards.They have missed out on MAMAs, BET, AFRIMMA and just a nomination has become hard for them like finding a needle in a pound . The used to be so called dynamic duo is going down each other day and many of you can bear witness with me, how many good life songs do you hear playing will out in the discotheque? 2017 will see the group fail to rise a concert at Africana and may be also part ways. It will be a terrible year for the group.

This is another epidemic in Kampala city lately in that whoever accumulates some small amounts of money would love to join the business. Forget flopped Hipipo awards, Club Music video awards will re-launch in March next year but they have already failed to take the nomination game to a whole new level and doubtely they will have a better come back next year. Mention rising star awards at this point in time. The nation is blessed with Zzina then style and fashion awards are to reckon 2017 overwhelmingly. Uganda Entertainment awards was a cool idea executed badly and word on street has it that it will rebrand the following year .

Don't mention rising star awards at this point in time. The nation is blessed with Zzina awards, peagantand then Abryanz style and fashion awards are to reckon 2017 overwhelmingly. Uganda Entertainment awards was a cool idea executed badly and word on street has it that it will rebrand the following year .

Miss pageant,
This is one hell of a project that has lost credibility over time due to the poor execution, poor funding and organisation. I nolonger get bothered if its going to happen it lately comes by accident to peoples ears and the after the grand crown where the winners disappeae to no one knows.

Sheeba Karungi,
She owned 2017 by far like 'majje'(solidier). Sheeba held the best concert of 2017 at hotel Africana and brought down the record, got nominated in the MAMA's, AFRIMMA and several local awards. The hits off her name are endless like Nkwatako, Ndiwanjulo, farmer, Wadawa,Nipe yote, it. I predict Karungi getting a BeT nomination next year.

Bebe cool,
Among the top dogs he is the only on who tried holding the flag high even after the Tubonga Nawe saga. Bebe cool held a remarkably successful show at Serena hotel and topped charts with hits like Kyekiganye,Kabulengane and Taata. He also got nominated in the MAMA under the viewers choice category. 2017 bigger and better.

David Lutaalo and Ziza Bafana
Their situation is similar in a way,both musicians fired managers earlier this year. David Lutalo has had challenges coming back this year with top charts like he had previously and will bet his January 2017 concert at Africana needs a supernatural calling to attract numbers.
Bafana on the other hand fired his management as later this year and the first release Mavuunya fell in the cracks. 2017 for him is hard.

Winnie Nwagi,
Ono ye, this one is not about to drop very soon given her musical success so far.winnie and Sheeba Karungi will take tie on tie next year and watch out more of the curvy singer.

However, don't exept the following bunch below to ever ressurect again, Dr Jose Chameleone, Spice Diana, Bobi Wine, Pallaso among many others.

NB: These are views of the writer and not for Howwe.Biz

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