Big Eye Defies Odds, Fills La Grande Hotel.

Big Eye Defies Odds, Fills La Grande Hotel.
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-04T08:14:42Z

Struggling musician Big Eye is one of those unfortunate people who has received all sorts of insults on social media. Last year he held a successful show at Freedom city and when it dropped to La Grande hotel Bwaise this year, everyone became a music critic bashing him for positioning a concert in a city suburb saying yagwamu (no longer having value).

His former bonkmate Don Zella has time and again bashed the musician with endless insults on facebook branding him a musical dwarf. She has been posting and wishing the Wizkid show outshines Big Eye's but fortunately the show as cancelled.

And amidst all this pressure self-contained singer managed to pull off a huge crowd at La grande hotel on Saturday night. Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Captain Scooter, Azizi Azion among others curtain raised for him. Revellers paid 10 and 20k for VIP.

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