A Pass Claims He’s Now Number One Musician In Uganda.

A Pass Claims He’s Now Number One Musician In Uganda.
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We are not sure there this is arrogance or something else. Lately singer A Pass’ egoistic manner has shoot in the skies to the extent of claiming he is number one musician in Uganda.

For a very long time now, the battle of supremacy has been between the old generation musicians (Chameleone, Bebe Cool , Bobi Wine) and the new generation (Kenzo, Ziza Bafana, David Lutalo etc) however no one had come out to explain why he thinks he’s atop of the others until yesterday when A Pass gave his reasons why he’s the best in the industry.


I will no longer entertain people telling me any local artist is better than me.

You don't have to put me down to appreciate them. They are good but they can never do what I do. A Pass is different but because of them I am here but I am doing way greater. I can not be under them because I work better. When I meet them, they are great when am doing what I do I am greater. A Pass is the M.A.N So no one can small me into accepting there point of view. Yes some of them inspired me and I love them but I have to be better than them. "If you don't think you are the best then you are doing a disservice to the people who support you."

I found away to get the people to love my work and I am not going to accept anyone to small me up. I grew up from the ghettos of Kampala as a kid with no dream to be what I am but now that I am what I am respect me. You don't need to give me credit because I am not your cellphone but don't mix me in your B.S. I have gotten to where I am and I am inspiring young people and some of you say am bragging, yes I am bragging but I am telling you how far I have come from and trust me you can't mess up my confidence to the level that I will doubt who I am, I am A PASS and I am The M.A.N.

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Who do you think is Uganda's Number one musician?


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