Did Bebe Cool Shamelessly Rip Off Navio's Song?

Did Bebe Cool Shamelessly Rip Off Navio's Song?
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We realize that there are only 12 notes to go around but still ... there's inspiration and then there's bare-faced (alleged) theft.

Another case of plagiarism has hit the headlines after Bebe Cool dropped his hit folk single "Kabulengane" on July 7th just four months after rapper Navio released his popular folk song 'Njogereza'.

Bebe Cool's song sparked mixed comments on social media with some fans claiming the Gagamel boss ripped off the rapper's creativity.

The two songs sound ideally identical -- except Kabulengane's beat hits harder and a little better than that of Njogereza -- and because Bebe Cool loves Winnie Nwagi ass.

Bebe Cool has in the past found himself being accused of copying other artist's sounds, most notably A Pass' ... from songs like 'African Girl'.

The question of whether or not 'Kabulengane' is a total rip off of 'Njogereza' is still unsolved. You'll be the judge.

Give the two tracks a listen below and decide for yourself.

Njogereza - Navio (Official Music Video)

Kabulengane - Bebe Cool "OFFICIAL HD VIDEO" "2016 - 2017"

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