‘You Pirated My Song’ — Rising Star Pins A Pass

‘You Pirated My Song’ — Rising Star Pins A Pass
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As A Pass continues to dominate local music charts, controversies have started to arise on how he is killing young talent on his way to international stardom.

One of the western Uganda’s rising stars, Akie Leo has come out to complain that his idea was pirated by A Pass. Akie Leo who is signed under Deconcept Music claims A Pass stole his idea and twisted the song to come up with his top charting banger Mariana.

While appearing on of the Western Uganda’s radio station, Akie was overheard cursing A Pass that left many fans wondering whether the ‘music kid’ had started using some drugs to confuse himself.

‘Ruhanga takurya mandazi, we A Pass ayibire ekyeshongoro kyagye…haah, tuzakureeba’ literally mean “God doesn’t eat half cakes for bribes, A Pass has stolen my song, well, se shall see”, Akie said.

However, many people believe the two songs kinda sound familiar…especially the beat … but talking to one of the music producers in town, he says… A Pass’s song ‘Mariana’ is too much of raga dancehall while Akie’s song is Kadongo Kamu. Be our judge….

Agiirehi by Akie Leo

Mariana by A Pass

Is Akie trying to ride on A Pass’ music status to fame or Actually A Pass pirated someone’s idea, what do you think?

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