Here Are Ugandan Artists Who Are Sharing Same Concert Dates!

Here Are Ugandan Artists Who Are Sharing Same Concert Dates!
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Irene Ntale

Singer Irene Ntale who is signed by Swangz avenue announced recently of her concert date being 26th August 2016 and she named it “Date night Sembela concert” at Sheraton hotel gardens.

Irene Ntale had announced her concert last year in August but was later cancelled as her concert date was the same as that of Koshens vs Busy signal and her management Swangz avenue had promised her a concert this year which they have done.

Hindu Asha

Hindu Asha a former centenary banker has grown in music with time after starting as a gospel singer. She has unleashed songs like Kidoomole; I made it, Ekigya kigye and more and usually perform on corporate events.

On the same day as Irene Ntale, Hindu will be having “The best of Hindu Asha charity concert” at theater Labonita that is dedicated to the orphans in Asha foundation and expects to thrill her fans with her latest songs.

However it is believed that Hindu Asha was the first to announce the concert date and Irene tale was among the musicians to perform at her charity concert.

Geofrey Lutaya

Da new eagles band boss Geoffrey Lutaaya has also come up on the same date of 26th August 2016 to hold his concert called “Yade yadeko nga omubi omweru” at club Obligato. Da new eagles band singer will be accompanied his wife Irene Namatovu and all the band singers.

Patrick Salvador Indrigi

The Embokolo man, Patrick Salvador will on 26th August  be having his one man show on the same date at Serena hotel and has called it “Africa laughs season 3” a show he hosts every year.

Most of his colleagues are also those of Irene Ntale since they are all in “Expendable group” and definitely all the comedians will be supporting him as their fellow comedian and also musicians like A- pass have confirmed to perform on the show.

Pius Mayanja Aka Pallaso

Singer Pallaso is also among the musicians that are sharing the same concert dates this year. He is launching his “road to mama” album on 20th August 2016 at freedom city. The former team no sleep singer will expect to perform alongside his brother Jose chameleon and Weasel of the good lyfe and Bebe cool since they have confirmed their presence.

Roden Y

He has been signed recently by team no sleep and currently has songs like Endeku, Kabako, Nanfuka, Murder among others which he will be performing on 20th august 2016 the same date as Pallaso.

The “kabako” singer is believed to battle it with Pallaso for people on the same date since both shows will be held within the same area of Entebbe road.

Most musicians have taken it as a way of fighting with each other trying to show who is bigger through choosing the same concert dates, although some same it’s a coincidence.

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