My Husband Did Not Want Me To Be An Actress — Sarah Kisawuzi " Nalweyiso "

Photo: Unknown 2015-09-07T14:05:34Z

Actress Sarah Kisawuzi commonly known by the name Nalweyiso of the popular NTV Deception series says she was never backed by her husband when she decided to join the Movie industry at an old age.

Speaking at a recent event, Kisawuzi lauded her better half for being supportive and an understanding husband " I would like to thank my husband for supporting me all through my career as an actress though he didn't like it in the beginning "

Sarah Kisawuzi made her debut with Deception series in which she plays the Character of a very deceitful and hypocritical mother. Her acting prowess has earned her notable recognitions and Awards.

The actress and mother has landed a couple of advertisement deals and other acting roles, among other things, over the years.

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