Prison Break Is Coming Back -- 10-Episode Season Confirmed

Photo: Unknown 2015-08-07T14:27:42Z

Fox has officially confirmed that there will be a new limited series of Prison Break.

It will consist of 10 episodes and see the return of both Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell along with other original cast members, Fox’s co-chairs and CEOs told reporters at a TCA panel on Thursday.

Described confusingly as a “bit of a sequel”, the episodes are being written by show creator Paul Scheuring now, with the action picking up “a few years after” the first series finale ended and addressing questions that were set up during the series.”

Fox credited Netflix for the revival, where the show has found a new audience (or a whole lot of repeat watchers).

“Prison Break has had this great opportunity to be viewed by a whole new audience [on Netflix],” Fox CEO Dana Walden said, adding that she was informed it is”one of the most successful library shows on Netflix.

“People are still interested in these characters.”

As Variety notes, fans might be wondering why the story is being picked back up following the closure of the series’ film finale, but co-chair Gary Newman promised it would take on new relevance.

“[Paul has] a vey detailed and incredible story for why these characters become relevant again,” he said, with Walden adding that that there is a “logical and believable explanation in the world of Prison Break”.

Limited season revivals are the done thing of late, with 24 and The X-Files having also been picked back up for them.

Production is expected to begin in the new year, with a view to a 2016/2017 air date.


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