Julian Kanyomozi Reveals Another Secret To Her Soothing Vocals After Drinking Much Water

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Of late when you hear the name Juliana Kanyomozi, I bet what comes to your mind is quite a lot of positive energy and much love unless of course you’re in the haters club of bad wishers. Like I said much love, Juliana is on the verge to make it better this year given that she’s back on her two feet for the most part. We all know she’s been through a hard time in her career and as mother fighting to make it in life.

Speaking to Aisha of Kfm on an interview the song mistress answered questions in regard to her music, personal life and relationships. On music what caught my attention though was when she  appreciated working with the Ganda boys on the something of my life hit song, she specifically thanked the boys for reaching out to her , writing the song and believing that it is what suites her vocals and music style.

Further on music the song bird mentioned a key ingredient to her sweet soothing voice every time she sounds good on that track and it’s not water or practice (that’s obvious now) , but its age. She emphasized on it because according to her there are a lot of things she can now do with her voice that she couldn’t before due to the age factor.

That means it’s not always about being talented and everything, sometimes you have to be old enough to sound better. Just like how you can speak with a better clear accent than a two year old. There’s so much to learn in this industry and it’s you’re task to make that happen dear upcoming and established singers artists.

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