Pepsi Gives out 7th Sala Puleesa Toyota Noah

Pepsi Gives out 7th Sala Puleesa Toyota Noah
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-27T09:22:52Z

Ongel Morris a 28 year old teacher at Sacred Nursery and Primary School in Lira district is the seventh winner of a Sala Puleesa Toyota Noah.  As was the case with the past six winners, Ongel also learnt about his win during the Sunday night Sala Puleesa live show which is aired on NTV, Uben TV, Bukedde TV and TV West.

“It is very difficult to believe, it’s very difficult, but all I can say is, it’s now time for me to make money, thank you Pepsi. I am going to start a transportation business using the Sala Puleesa Toyota Noah, I am going to become rich,” said a jubilant Ongel when called.

Ongel will be given his Toyota Noah on Wednesday by a team from Crown Beverages Limited. All the other winners who include Ouchu Denis from Luzira, Okello Bosco from Butaleja,  Abel Mukeera from Kitintale, John Peter Oduch-okwall from Dokolo, Peter Ahimbisibwe from Kabale and John Daniel Nyang from Kole district have received their cars.

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