Faded TV Star Robin Kisti Parades Her Buns!

Faded TV Star Robin Kisti Parades Her Buns!
Photo: Unknown 2017-02-17T10:07:42Z

Faded TV presenter, Robin Kisti, who used to present NTV Login, was with no doubt a pretty and sexy girl when she was either clothed or naked. However after engaging into much sex, her body loosened and was no longer looking sexy atleast in everyone’s face.

 But her recent photo remaindered us of her glory days. Robin paraded her eye catching ‘buns’ and nearly caused whopper riot on social media. Some horny males could literally been seen throwing ‘come to bed’ comments.

 In better news, we have been hearing rumors for weeks that Robin wants to make a comeback as an actress. Could this be away of seeking attention prior to her new career? Enjoy the view…


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