5 Top Ways To Get Restored After A Food Binge

5 Top Ways To Get Restored After A Food Binge
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Well, 6th July was the international Eid Mubarak day to end the 30 days of Moslem fasting, well such celebrations come with a lot of feats, invitations to dinners here and there and as we walk through the following day some individuals must be having a nasty beach of all sorts.

Let take you through 5 major ways to cub this,

Get moving, and that doesn’t have to mean at the gym.

At a comfortable pace, get things moving. This helps controls those cravings, burns calories and helps to balance your mood and blood sugars. Go for a walk around the block, or maybe do 20 lunges and squats while watching your favorite holiday movie. This Method will help you get started on workouts that only take 20 minutes.

Drink lots

Staying hydrated helps control hunger and excess appetite. Consume filtered water, herbal teas, broth, coconut water and fresh juices. Keep them flowing all day long; this will as well cleanse all the excessive toxications in the body.

Trash away all left overs

This will help you avoid the excessive consumption of calories that will triple up the effect.

Ditch the guilt

Feeling guilty is a useless exercise. This is more than likely going to send you back to the fridge. It’s better to use this energy to think about what great healthy things are happening next!

Improve your next meal

If you overdid the calories at one meal, keep the next meal lighter, but still satisfying by filling it halfway with vegetables, then fill out the remainder of the plate

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