Neon Colours Trend 2014 – Back to life

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They are eye popping and they add boldness to your look. From shoes to bags, accessories to outfits, you can find almost everything in neon colours.

These colours range from Orange, Apple Green, Sea crest Blue, Neon Blue, ice Blue, Warm White, Novel Gold, Clear Bright Yellow, neon pink among others.


Neon tight pants are fun, flattering, & perfect; they will be your saviour in these hot sunny days. If you can’t find anything, just pick a neon tight pant and pair it with a white or plain colour t-shirt, complement your attire with neon earrings, neon bracelets and necklaces. You can also highlight yourself by wearing a neon colour scarf. It will look pretty cool.

 OR you can choose to put on a colourful dress, neutral shades, skin tone-matching pumps, and a matching belt then you’ll be good to go.
By simply reversing the “dominant” colour in your outfit, you’ve got a whole new trendy look! It couldn’t be easier to go from bold to demure and back again.

With the neon Accessories; Bracelets, hair ties, scarves, and earrings are the perfect way to introduce neon into your wardrobe! Remember, simplicity is the key, so stick to one neon accessory at a time. I don’t know about you all, but I can’t help feel giddy when my neck, chest, and ears look great. I am all about the neon accessories and I am constantly on the lookout for great new trends.

neon accessories

Neon nail colours are also the best way to add a statement to your look. At most, the colour on your nails should at least match with the colour of your belt or scarf because these colours reflect the weather.

Bright neon shoes are a great, functional way to wear the trend! A statement shoe will make a simple outfit pop a bright shoe to complete an outfit and take it to the next level, paired with a neutral outfit, simple flats or sexy heels are a brilliant way to display your fashion prowess!

A great neon bag adds an unexpected touch of glamour to your basics, but hot pink shoes, jewellery, and lipstick together are over-the-top.

However, this trend shouldn’t be overdone because it’s best to keep the rest of your look simple and classic. Think of using colour as a statement piece:

If your style leans towards a more daring aesthetic, rocking a primarily neon outfit with, then neutral accents could be the perfect way to make this trend work for you.

 So say good bye to dull and boring colours and try some fresh, bright and bold colours. When you feel good inside, it radiates outside. That’s what looking good all is about


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