Gravity Omutujju's Music Banned On UBC

Photo: Unknown 2014-03-16T10:49:22Z

It all started when the 'Winner' singer was invited at the UBC offices to sign a contract for the forthcoming gig in Mbarara. However, Omutujju was not impressed with the amount or he just did not understand the words in the small prints forcing him to storm out of the UBC offices in protest along side his crew who were walking with swagg.

They got into their Toyota Noah car and kept on hurling insults at UBC staff. One UBC employee told Gravity to watch his language, but the Omutujju like his name suggests pulled out of his car and slapped him twice.

The deal for which he had been invited to perform has now been cancelled and his music banned from playing on UBC TV stations and radio stations. This decision can only be reversed after an apology from Gravity Omutujju

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