Deported ? Chameleone, Bebe Cool Are Back On Home Grounds.

Photo: Unknown 2015-09-11T08:02:48Z

Music titans Jose chameleone and Bebe Cool have recently been traversing the white man's land in countries like U.S.A and Canada, among others.

Good news we nosed from their social media is that they have both returned home safely, ofcourse they were not just deported.

Chameleone had traveled to U.S.A together with his wife Daniela Atim and their children, he says "It's time for the kids to return to school " that's the sole reason he gives for his returning. 

We're happy he chose to come back, remember he once hinted at leaving this country because you people ( Ugandans ) keep dragging his name in the mud. This time we actually thought he had gone for good because he carried all his family and very big luggage....thank God he is back.

Bebe Cool has never said it publicly that he'll leave this country anytime soon, he was in Kenya many years ago. Life was hard for him, talk about high rent fees and strict laws against women violence. He loves this country so much that he once exchanged fire with local Dj's for not being patriotic.

The love you everyday singer has been mocked and shaded by fans over a number of reasons like aging without building a house for himself, among other things but that cannot force him out of the country to go and donate sperms abroad. He says home is home and that the insults he receives from the fans are part of the Music business, ohh What a business !

You have heard him brag about his vast knowledge about this business. Don't blame him for calling others upcoming, the man has been in the game for so long.

He is back! we expect him to appear on Tv, Radio or any media platform to brag about how he bought chocolate for his wife Zuena, from the same shop Michelle Obama does her shopping. By the way he won an Award, how it skipped all our minds- he deserved a heroes welcome at the Airport.

Welcome back Bigsize and Heavy weight.

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