The Egyptian Singer Tamer Hosny Sues Akon For Not Turning Up At A Video Shoot.

Photo: Unknown 2015-06-12T10:28:02Z

The Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny is taking singer Akon to court over Pitbull not turning up for Hosny's 'Arabian Knight' video, according to Contact Music.

Akon collaborated with Hosny last year on "Welcome to the Life", but it seems that the collaboration has gone sour!  Hosni is claiming that they had $300,000 (£187,500) deal for Akon to get Pitbull to appear in the video of Hosni's new song, Arabian Knight, Contact Music reports.

Pitbull's no-show apparently cost Hosni $100,000 (£62,500) in equipment and crew fees and is asking to be paid for it, but Akon says that he never agreed to such a thing.

The I Wanna Love You singer also disputes the money involved, saying that he only go  $145,000 (£90,625) to sing on the track.

Last week, Akon asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed, but the motion was denied, so Hosni is planning to call Pitbull to testify.

So, according to TMZ, Tamer is not suing Pitbull, but is suing Akon for not having Pitbull on a leash instead?

Is Tamer afraid to take the Pitbull by the horns himself?

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