Finally, Tired Baalam Drags Mowzey Radio To Court

Photo: Unknown 2015-05-27T10:41:34Z

After Mowzey Radio feeling sweet and vows not to apologize to Promoter Balaam on defamatory statements he made against him at the Best of Radio & Weasel album launch as stated by ultimatum he was given, Balaam seemed to be very serious about the issue and he has finally dragged Mowzey Radio to court.

According to a copy Howwe.Biz  has landed on Radio is in what a spoilt American would terms as, ‘He is in sh*t!!’

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Howwe has learnt that last week Radio was issued an intention paper through a city advocate known as Galisonga and Company Advocates but as usual Radio saw that as a wastage of time.

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Here is the letter Balaam Barugara drafted a few days back through Galisonga and Company Advocates with the intention to sue Mowzey Radio:

We shall keep you updated.

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