Pallaso and Weasel are finally working on a song together.

Photo: Unknown 2015-03-27T13:00:05Z

Last time Weasel and Pallaso did a song together, it never ended as planned and Pallaso found himself alone at the video shoot of their song "Omugongo" ... and Weasel had skipped for a show with Radio and Weasel. Pallaso was forced to clear out Weasel's verses and redo the song the same day the video was shot.

As Pallaso always says, "Family First". The two talented singers are back in the studio working on their forthcoming song "Tebakusobola".

Besides "Omugongo', Pallaso and Weasel also appeared on "Amaaso" with Mozey Radio and The Mess. The song became a major hit but it created a big friendship gap between these artists.

We hope this doesn't end bad.

Any way, life is too short to crowd it with fights and hate.

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