Kabako attacks Galaxy FM Presenter Detacha 

Kabako attacks Galaxy FM Presenter Detacha 
Photo: Unknown 2022-01-13T19:42:28Z

Detacha, a presenter at Galaxy FM and a TikTok sensational, was one of the biggest breakthroughs on the new short video platform in 2021.

Detacha, who claims that he hails from Jamaica, has a million viewers who enjoy his content.

But musician Kabako is convinced that Detacha is a liar. He has never been to the airport.  “Detacha has never been to Jamaica. He is a liar and a wannabe,” Kabako said. 

Detacha had previously been attached by Vampino over the same issue, but the musician later apologized.

By press time, he was yet to respond to Kabako.

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