I lost Interest in Collaborations - Tip Swizzy

I lost Interest in Collaborations - Tip Swizzy
Photo: Unknown 2021-11-22T19:50:30Z

Struggling musician Tip Swizzy is no longer interested in working with other artists on songs after he was chased from Big Talent Entertainment owned by Eddy Kenzo.

The musician explains that he invested his youthful years in doing collaborations but they have not helped him. He no longer receives royalties from the songs he did with Eddy Kenzo.

"I lost interest in collaborations because they have never paid bills. I did a lot of music with Eddy Kenzo but I don't receive money from him yet I contributed a lot to his stardom," he partly explains in an interview.

While at Big Talent Entertainment, he featured on "Boligo", a song that later became a monster hit.

He, however, quit after money disagreements with his then-boss Eddy Kenzo.

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