Urban TV presenter Nankya Jommie cheats death

Urban TV presenter Nankya Jommie cheats death
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-03T18:18:18Z

Urban TV presenter Nankya Jommie is nursing wounds and injuries after she was attacked by unknown people on her way home on Saturday night in Bulenga, Kampala.

The “short circuit” presenter has not come to narrate the ordeal out but her close pals informed our snoop that she was only saved by her neighbors after she made an alarm.

Nankya has been at loggerheads with musician Hanson Baliruno in the recent past. Their dispute was dominated by verbal attacks and threats.

Nankya made comments about his struggling music career.  She noted that the musician tips media to play his music.

In response, the Stars Empire singer vowed to launch an attack on the presenter something that prompted her to serve him with an intention to sue.

It has not been confirmed whether Hanson Baliruno is behind the attack but many allege he is the mastermind.

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