My Father Didn’t  Support My Music — Vivian Tendo  

My Father Didn’t  Support My Music — Vivian Tendo  
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-21T19:31:36Z

Local musician Vivian Tendo might be loved by many, but her father is not a great fan of her music.  Vivian Tendo, who is responsible for songs like "Hajjati wa Hajji" revealed in an interview that her father, Pastor Godfrey Ntubiro, wanted her to do gospel instead of secular music.

The singer says they spent two years without any form of communication.

 “I think my father wanted me to be like him but I ended up going secular. He taught me all the basics of music. I learned all the sol-fa notations and harmonies from him. He trained me to be a music expert. When I released my first hit, he became so angry together with other family members. He felt disappointed and it took me two years to connect with him again. It was a hard task,” she said in an interview.

They two have since reconciled.

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