Ykee Benda Vows Never to go broke again 

Ykee Benda Vows Never to go broke again 
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-21T19:20:56Z

Musician Ykee Benda broke onto the scene five years ago with his song, “Farmer”.

The singer has since had unbeatable progress as he has performed on big platforms like Coke Studio, featured on the 2018 World Cup song, and also won several awards.

Two years ago, he started Mpaka Records and signed upcoming musician Dre Cali. 

He also runs a Marketing Agency known as Mpaka Marketing that has secured several deals from big companies. It handles  Lydia Jazmine's contract with Movit.

He works hard and has vowed never to go broke again. 

“Never to be broke again!” he Twitted. 

Well, Ykee Benda’s mindset is different from the majority of musicians and it would be right to say that he will achieve his goal.

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