Kenzo’s Right Hand Man Accused of Stealing  Money

Kenzo’s Right Hand Man Accused of Stealing  Money
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-17T19:27:36Z

Eddy Kenzo’s right-hand man, Sewa Sewa, who is also the vice president of Big Talent Entertainment is in a spot of bother. 

On Tuesday, a group of musicians under the association called Promising Talent Uganda nearly lynched him during a meeting over 500M he received from Operation Wealth Creation boss, Gen Saleh.

Sewa was whisked off the scene and left the disgruntled upcoming musicians cursing him.

According to Barbie Jay, Sewa Sewa has been playing hide and seek since receiving the money. He is reportedly supposed to distribute the money among the members.

The musicians had earlier gone to Gulu as a group and they have been waiting for their cut.

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