Martha Kay Obsessed With  NTV's Andrew Mwanguhya

Martha Kay Obsessed With  NTV's Andrew Mwanguhya
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-16T19:10:00Z

Sexy Martha Kay can't stop drooling NTV sports presenter, Andrew Mwanguhya. 

Every time she lands her eyes on him, he sends electric shocks all over her body. 

A close pal told Howwe that Martha Kay cannot stop talking about the TV presenter.

 "Martha has been complementing Andrew. She wants to meet him," a close pal disclosed.

Martha Kay confirmed that she is interested in him by posting his pictures on social media.  

“But everything aside, What a gorgeous man! I am surely going to be watching more of the show," she posted.

Martha Kay has no known boyfriend. She has been linked to A Pass,  Ykee Benda among others.

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