Spice Diana trashes UG-Connect Online Concert

Spice Diana trashes UG-Connect Online Concert
Photo: Unknown 2021-08-22T05:45:04Z

Spice Diana was one of the first musicians to perform on the UG-Connect E-concert stage a few months ago.

However, she has now come out to trash the event despite banking millions from her performance.

According to the Source Management singer, the concert is not sustainable and it is not helping artists at the moment.

 “I don’t see myself ever performing there again. There is no way it is going to fix the local music industry," she said.

Spice Diana believes opening up concerts is a better long-term solution. “They should clear concerts. When we were open, we were not performing more than once a month,” she added.

The UG-Connect  E-Concert planned for 54 editions which means the industry might remain closed for another year.

Recently, complaints of musicians being underpaid to perform at the event have been circulating and the organizers remain tight-lipped about the issue.

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