Rajiv Ruparelia will soon claim Salvador’s wife -  Bad Black

Rajiv Ruparelia will soon claim Salvador’s wife -  Bad Black
Photo: Unknown 2021-07-25T20:18:25Z

City socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black is not someone to joke with. She has an acerbic tongue that no one can compete with.

Bad Black unleashed vitriol after being exposed by Salvador Idringi for defaulting rent. 

She was evicted from the Butabika mansion where she had been staying since 2018 over rent arrears. 

Salvador wrote messages to blogger, Ritah Kaggwa, reporting about Bad Black’s inconsistencies in payment.

Salvador got concerned because the house allegedly belongs to his sister. Bad Black, however, said Salvador is lying about the relationship between him and the owner of the house where she lived. 

She had several media interviews where she went on to blast Salvador for not being a real man.

She said Salvador is only seeking attention and she warned him to stay away from her affairs.

She explained that Salvador has no moral authority to judge her since Rajiv pays his rent. She again made an allegation that Rajiv paid his bride price and because of that, Rajiv will soon take his wife, Daphine Frankstock. 

“I don’t know what exactly is disturbing him. Salvador is a beggar and he should stick to that. He is always begging Sudhir's son Rajiv. Even the wife he has, it is Rajiv who gave him money. Soon, Rajiv will come for Daphne (Salvador’s wife),” she fumed.

She added that Salvador is a failed comedian and should find other people of his level.

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