Kabako reportedly Bounced at Saleh’s Office in Gulu

Kabako reportedly Bounced at Saleh’s Office in Gulu
Photo: Unknown 2021-07-23T19:16:45Z

Musician Roden Y Kabako is one of the founding members of the Uganda Musicians' Federation commonly known as the Uganda superstars federation.

The umbrella is headed by the legendary Jose Chameleone.

He traveled with other members of the association to meet Gen. Salim Saleh over the Covid-19 stimulus fund. 

Our sources have informed us that Roden Y Kabako was chased like a chicken thief as he tried to access the premises with the other members.

We are yet to establish the real reason why he was treated like an imposter, but our source linked it to his affiliation with Bobi Wine’s NUP.

It should be noted that the TNS singer was one of the most vocal musicians that was attacked by Sevo and NRM while showing support for Bobi Wine in the just concluded general elections.

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