Sheebah stopped Picking my Calls - Nina Roz  

Sheebah stopped Picking my Calls - Nina Roz  
Photo: Unknown 2021-03-02T08:05:44Z

Musician Nina Roz opened a lid on her estranged relationship with TNS star, Sheebah Karungi. The former tight friends fell out after Nina Roz joined the music industry. 

In an interview, Nina Roz said she tried to reach out, but the TNS star doesn't pick her calls.

"I loved and still love Sheebah.  We were good friends before I joined the music industry. I used to promote and play her music, but she chose to become my enemy when I joined the industry. We no longer talk because she stopped picking my calls," she explained in an interview.

Nina Roz further clarified that she apologized to Sheebah but she was not willing to forgive her for whatever reason.

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