KFM’S Doreen Nasasira Deny  Wedding Plans

KFM’S Doreen Nasasira Deny  Wedding Plans
Photo: Unknown 2020-10-13T21:05:48Z

KFM’S presenter Doreen Nasasira has denied  rumors that she has any  plans to wed her lover anytime soon.

In an interview she said, “the media started the  rumor. If I was going to walk down the aisle, why would I hide it. I would be proud of my man. I don’t know anything about any wedding.”

Tabloids reported that the couple was already attending marriage counseling sessions.

It was also said that she had been gifted with a Benz by her husband to be.

“That’s also false. I have always bought cars for myself. No man has ever given me a car. My first car was a Honda. Yes, I have a benz but it was as result of my sweat,“ she explained when she was asked about her new car.

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