I am More Beautiful Than  Tina Fierce - Zari 

I am More Beautiful Than  Tina Fierce - Zari 
Photo: Unknown 2020-07-06T20:31:06Z

They say beauty is the eyes of the beholder and Zari says troubled Tina Fierce is not in her class.

She says she is beautiful and that's the reason why Tina Fierce hates her.

She adds that God packaged her well, she can't be bullied by the likes of Tina Fierce. 

"I know i am beautiful and i laugh at people like Tina Fierce who want to compete with me. I am not in the same box with many of you who are always abusing me," she said.

Zari also said Ugandans have always attacked her on social media but she doesn't give a damn about what they think.

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