Jeff Kiwa Paid Bills  for  'Kyoyina Omanya' Remix  - Crysto Panda

Jeff Kiwa Paid Bills  for  'Kyoyina Omanya' Remix  - Crysto Panda
Photo: Unknown 2020-06-30T21:32:26Z

Fast rising musician Crysto Panda recently released a remix of his song “Kyoyiina Omanya” featuring  Sheebah Karungi.

Crysto Panda revealed that he was connected to Sheebah by Producer Nessim and it was a dream come true to work with an artist of Sheebah’s calibre.

During a recent interview, Crysto Panda said  that Jeff Kiwa, Sheebah’s manager paid all the bills for the video shoot. 

“He never charged me any single coin. Jeff funded everything. He styled his artiste. The ware house where we did the song was also Jeff’s. At the setting, he took care of all my people. He also fed them,” Crysto Panda told DJ Shiru.

“Kyoyiina Omanya” is currently one of the biggest songs in the country.

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