Zari Bitter With Diamond Platinumz Over Child Neglect

Zari Bitter With Diamond Platinumz Over Child Neglect
Photo: Unknown 2020-04-27T09:26:52Z

Socialite Zari fired shots at her baby daddy Diamond Platinumz for neglecting his kids during these hard times of Covid-19.

Zari asked Diamond Platinumz to stop  pleasing the public yet his own blood is suffering.

According to Zari, he is a dead beat father who offers nothing to them inform of child support yet he wants to pay rent for 500 people in Tanzania.

"But you don't know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance are paid. You will never please the world when your own are not Happy and taken care of. Your selling a lie, some people have become clowns to some of us," Zari posted after Diamond Platinumz announced his intentions of paying 3 months rent for 500 people affected  by Covid-19 in Tanzania.

Zari and Diamond separated in February 2018 after she accused him of repeated cheating. The former loverbirds share two children together who stay in South Africa with Zari.

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