Gospel Singer Daisy Ejang Bashes Prophet Mbonye 

Gospel Singer Daisy Ejang Bashes Prophet Mbonye 
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Prophet Elvis Mbonye has been under fire for claiming that he foresaw the outbreak of coronavirus but he kept silent about it because people would not believe him. 
While everyone is roasting him, you’d think the born-again community would spare him. That’s not the case.

Gospel singer Daisy Ejang is among those who are throwing shade at time 

“When you say you received a word from God and you decide to choose what should be said, what you’re trying to say is that the God that gave you that information is not wise enough to know what is essential and what his people need to receive and we know that is not true because God is all knowing and when he gives you a word he does not need you to help him see or select what people need to hear,” she posted.

She went to say, “As a prophet of God you are only a mouthpiece. As a mouthpiece you are not the voice you are a microphone that amplifies what the Voice is saying. you are not the decision-maker GOD is. So when you receive a prophecy you are not the decision-maker GOD is. He chooses what Should be said in whatever fashion he pleases. Your job is to follow, obey and allow to be the microphone that amplifies what He is saying. Hence your intention should only be obedience to saying what GOD has said the way he has said it. Do not try to sugar coat or down play what He said or further choose not to say because your intention is to help people.”

“Your job is to relay what God has said to you the way it is. It is none of your business how people receive it. That is not your work. People do not save people it is God who saves people. The work to convince or convict anybody is the work of the Spirit of the living God and as human beings we are not God,” she further explained.

Ejang says Mbonye sounded like a false prophet. 

“So I do question when a person says you try to save or you try to give only prophecies that edify or help people. come on!!! say what the LORD says if you truly heard Him speak do not become a prophet of Baal. To avoid people from calling you names because right now in did you sound like a false prophet, Say what the LORD has said and when HE said you should say it. Stop trying to use your own understanding to do GOD’s work. He does not need no man to help Him be the GOD He is. Get off your high horses and bow down before the only one and true Master JESUS CHRIST SON OF THE LIVING GOD. WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL DO IS WHAT HE DOES. Stop trying to help him run HIS kingdom just follow protocol," she explained.

True Prophets, she says  obey God. 

“True men and women of God obey God and say what God is saying no matter how uncomfortable , small or big it is, they only say what God has said and that is it when God speaks you say what he said and then you let him worry about defending His word and you,” she concluded.

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