Mc Kats Falls Out with Shammy K

Mc Kats Falls Out with Shammy K
Photo: Unknown 2019-11-28T07:27:08Z

The relationship between Mc Kats and his singer Shammy is no more. Mc Kats has cut ties with Shammy after the singer’s brother stealing his money.

Mc Kats got to know Shammy through his brother, a music producer named Side Soft.

Mc Kats says the producer is one of his best friends but he (Side Soft) connived with Shammy to steal his money.

“Side Soft was took my money totaling to 7M under the pretext that it was catering for Fille’s rehab in Rwanda,” he revealed.

Fille was rumored to be in rehab last month.

Mc Kats wants Side Soft and Shammy to apologize to him.

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