Moses Magogo's Relationship with FIFA President Saves His Job

Moses Magogo's Relationship with FIFA President Saves His Job
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The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), suspended FUFA president Moses Magogo from taking part in any football-related activities for a period of just two months and was fined a cash totalling to $ 5000 approximately Shs 37 million.

The committee of Ethics and Integrity on the world governing body of football, FIFA found him guilty of the allegations filed against him.

 He pleaded guilty and confessed to involving himself in the sell of 2014 World Cup tickets that were meant for Ugandans to enable them to attend the tournament, according to a cased by shadow sports minister, MP Allan Ssewanyana.

According to our sources at FUFA house, Magogo was meant to be banned out of Football leadership for a period  not less than three years.  He would automatically  lose his job but it is alleged that he is in bed with FIFA President Gianni Infantino which saved his job. The two are close allies and they allegedly worked away out.

Other sources report that Magogo's relationship with Ahmed , the Football continent boss also played a big part in his plea for a light punishment.

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