Rejected: Stylist Zziwa On Suicide Watch Over Girl

Rejected: Stylist Zziwa On Suicide Watch Over Girl
Photo: Unknown 2019-07-16T13:02:35Z

Popular hairstylist, Zziwa Kennedy is battling with a heart break. The stylist has revealed through his social media that he has been seeing a girl who is not reciprocating his love.

Zziwa is deeply in love but the girl is withdrawn. As a result, he is stressed and he says he might start drinking again.

He doesn’t reveal the girl’s identity but he swears, he loves her so much.

The stylist says he has not loved anyone in many years. He has been linked to Desire Luzinda, Leila Kayondo and other celebrities but judging from what he wrote on his social media, he was never in love with any of them if anything actually happened.

Zziwa is being monitored by his friends as he has confessed he could relapse.

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