Power House DJs to launch officially 

Power House DJs to launch officially 
Photo: Unknown 2019-07-15T06:58:46Z

A new DJ group called, Power House DJs is set to launch in the market. The DJ outfit will join a catalogue of others that have sprouted recently. 

Power House has been in existence for a about two years, they will officially launch on September 20 at Valhalla located along Lumumba Avenue in an  dubbed, PG 18.

The group consists of more than 10 DJs including two from Kenya. It was started by DJ Ras Dean. 

According to the founder, Ras Dean, he wanted to formalize deejaying and to create a platform for young DJs. DJs under Power House will able to perform at all events and stages they are invited to.

He also says under the  outfit, it is possible for DJs to last longer in the business.

Power House also trains young DJs and awards certificates. The training lasts for five weeks.

DJ Red Miles says training under the academy, however, does not make one a member of Power House DJ’s.

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