How It Went Down At Fly Teens Break dance Faceoff Finale

How It Went Down At Fly Teens Break dance Faceoff Finale
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The Fly Teens break dance faceoff finale happened on Saturday at Sharing Hall, Nsambya. And it was a great source of entertainment as each participant brought his/her A-game to the stage.

There were two categories; one that had dance groups and the solo category. Eleven groups participated and a big number was in the solo contest, but only one winner was needed from each category.

It was not easy to decide a winner as most of the participants performed impressively.

Judges however came to the conclusion that Smash Crew had outdone the rest in the group category. Smash consisted five young teens. They were rewarded with a prize of Ugx 1M.

Faisal Mostrix emerged victor in the solo category, bagging himself Ugx 500,000. The first runners up was awarded with 250k.

The dance competition is one of the many ways through which FLY UG seeks to keep teens engaged and deter them from involving in dangerous habits like smoking.

Previously, FLY has organized singing contests, beat boxing, and many more tailored for the same purpose of keeping teens engaged, and empowering them.

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