Liquid Silk Naalya Closes Shop Over Rent Arrears

Liquid Silk Naalya Closes Shop Over Rent Arrears
Photo: Unknown 2019-02-20T07:36:27Z

Liquid Silk Naalya was one of the busiest bars in Kampala but slowly, it lost clientele.

The latest on our desk indicates that the hangout has been closed  and the tenant has been evicted from  premises due to failure to pay rent for months.

Insiders reveal that the landlord ordered for its immediate closure with a deadline of when all rent should be paid which management obliged to.

However, the premises were not sold to city tycoon Mandela, who owns City Oil and Cafe Javas as the reports that first circulated indicated. "We have terminated Liquid Silk Naalya as a tenant for non payment of rent but have not sold the station neither have we rented out the space previously occupied by Liquid Silk to another entity," astatement by the landlord read.

Liquid silk Naalya adds to other bars that have closed like De Posh in Kabalagala.

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