Kyarenga Is Not A Good Song - Bebe Cool

Kyarenga Is Not A Good Song - Bebe Cool
Photo: Unknown 2019-01-02T11:38:52Z

Bebe Cool released his controversial list and this year's list had a surprise act, his sworn enemy Bobi Wine for his hit song, "Kyarenga".

Bebe Cool went ahead to sting Bobi Wine, claiming that " Kyarenga" is not a good song.

Bebe Cool attributes the success of "Kyarenga" to Bobi Wine's political ground to push the song. 'And as for Bobi Wine, Kyarenga is not a good song but using his political ground to push it to a big single is acceptable by me otherwise musically, NO," Bebe Cool stated on his Facebook account.

By press time, Bobi Wine had not yet reacted  to Bebe Cool's list.

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