Betty Nambooze Blasts Frank Gashumba Over Beating Daughter - You Are A Violent Man.

Betty Nambooze Blasts Frank Gashumba Over Beating Daughter - You Are A Violent Man.
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A few days ago, public motivational speaker Frank Gashumba beat up her daughter on the basis of indiscipline that was developing her day by day and later went on to brag how he was grooming a daughter he groomed as a single parent before warning the public of their opinions towards his act.

News landing the howwe desk indicates that the Mukono Woman MP has told off Gashumba to stop bragging about beating his daughter because it is promoting violence and unacceptable act to beat up a fully grown girl who is above 18 and a celebrity at the same timw.

In a long post on one of her social media platforms Betty Nambooze blasted Frank  and told him off to stop bragging about get involved in violence,

"My brother Gashumba,I appreciate the situation you are in as a father of a celebrity youth. It's great that you raised your daughter single handedly and it must have been a big sacrifice.However to Sheila,growing up with only one parent must have deprived her of a lot of lessons and love and may be one of the reasons for her rebellious character. I am an admirer of your girl but as I follow her,I realise that in your effort to see her prosper you are putting a lot of pressure on her and she might have missed out much on the stages of life...this is not to say that I support her to adopt distractive behavior. My point is that you must allow Sheila to cacth up with her mother's love she missed as a child even when you and her Mum are not  relating properly. Two kindly never beat your grown up daughter again and even go public bragging about it....there are better ways to get her out of delinquency than corporal punishment. And realise that Sheila belongs to us put her out there and she became a public figure,you can't say that the public need not interfere into your family affairs...If children exclusively belong to their parents to do to them whatever they want,Nabukeera wouldn't be with us anymore...her father would have told you off. I will watch your show to get to know your side of the story but please don't justify violence".

The move by Frank Gashumba to beat daughter due to indiscipline has come with mixed reactions from the public but a larger section has condemned the act.

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